Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chicken Coops - they can be decorative too!

SO I haven't posted on here for a while - there really hasn't been much to report - and I think that's a good thing. Right now we're waiting for the Board of Commissioners' staff to draft the new ordinance. Hopefully they'll have that ready for the Commissioners work session this evening, and it will be approved and put to a public hearing to be held on September 16th. I am planning to attend their work session tonight, I hope to get a copy of the drafted ordinance to review, and find out first-hand how they all feel about it, and if it will, indeed be a public hearing item in two weeks! In the meantime, I've been kinda laying low - at this point, I don't feel a lot of media attention is what we need. We don't want to get the opposition all 'riled' up. I would rather not have this drag out for a long time, and it seems with the opinions shown at the meeting on August 19th, there shouldn't be any problem getting the Commissioner's to vote 'yes' for the changes.

Dave and Mitzi have been working more and more on their new business of selling chicken ark plans, and will hopefully be selling kits and completed arks soon. Please check out their site at the link below:

If you're wondering how you can have a small flock in your backyard - just check out these arks... I'm planning to make one or two myself! My family plans to also have a stationary barn-style coop in our backyard with a large run attached for times when we don't want the chicas out in the yard, but the arks will be great for when we might need to have the chicas 'work' an area of our garden, or 'prepare' new bed spaces!

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