Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Day at the Market

Today, Dave, Mitzi, and I spent the morning at the Wake Forest Farmer's Market. The vendors were all very nice and a few even came and signed our petition before the Market opened. We set up a little table in the Gazebo, and put one of the Catawba Converticoops in the mulch nearby.

I was a little apprehensive at first to approach perfect strangers and ask them about signing our petition, I'm not really the public-speaker type! Luckily it seemed that my fears were unfounded, and it didn't take long to get semi-comfortable asking for signatures. It was much easier knowing I wasn't there alone too. There were a lot of people to talk to, and it was great to have Dave and Mitzi to help field questions and gather signatures! There were also a lot of people interested in the hen coop and it's design. Most people there had read the article in the Wake Weekly or seen the story on NBC 17, and were interested in hearing more about Backyard Chickens.
Wake Forest Farmers Market shoppers gather around the coop and sign the petition.

Many people who visited the Market parked right behind where we were set up in the Gazebo, and so they got to see the chickens right away. So many people remarked about how pretty they are and how calm they seemed. The Bissette girls were there off and on, and so was Taylor Anne, so there were usually a couple of children gathered around the coop, which also drew folks' attention. The kids showed others how gentle the hens are by hand-feeding them weeds and grass they picked nearby, and many of the 'visiting' kids got in on the action. There were quite a few families who thought the hens were so sweet, and wanted to get a coop like that for their family! I even got to talk to one of the town commissioners who was visiting the Farmer's Market that morning. It was a nice conversation, and I think the morning was a success - we were able to get over a hundred signatures on the petition!


Natalie said...

Awesome! I am so happy for the day's success.

driftwood said...

good luck, or should I say good cluck with the chicken challenge!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your petition. I know keeping chickens has always been on my list of things I would love to do someday. Alas, I think it is a little cold here for them in the winter.

d.a. said...

Good thoughts for a successful petition drive! Oh, and I adore the photo of the running chicken at the top of the blog. CUTE!

Catawba ConvertiCoops said...

It was an excellent morning. I LOVE talking to people about chickens. Sometimes it's hard to get me to shut up!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful.

Hey Catawba ConvertiCoops, we know what you mean. Once you start talking chickens, it's hard to stop.

Twinville said...

Such awesome good news! It just has to get even better from here.

Go forth and spread the backyard chicken good news!

Good job!