Friday, July 11, 2008

Our 15 seconds of fame?

So, after writing the article and submitting it to the site, Kerry Hall, from NBC17 (our local station) contacted me to do a story for the news. It was so nerve wracking! I didn't know what to wear - so I just wore my favorite shirt, a blue/green tie-dye North Carolina Zoo T-shirt, and shorts. I also guess I didn't realize how flat my hair was! I had just spent the morning at the town pool for swim lessons, and of course our weather was warm and humid. Whatever!

SO the interview went pretty well, I was a little nervous, and it was hard to remember what I wanted to say, but in the end it didn't matter so much because 90% of what I said on camera was cut out of the actual segment, or just said by Kerry on the voiceover and that was fine with me! I have to commend Dave on his on-camera session - he seemed very natural and didn't look or sound nervous at all! The children were all great on camera too. I was really proud of them! I hope we are able to gain more community support from this publicity.

You can see the segment online at Battle for Backyard Chickens in Wake Forest. There are actually two segments, one is the short introduction they put into the 6pm newscast, and the other is longer and played at 7pm.

Please feel free to leave comments on this site if you saw the segments!


Jenny said...

Wow, Em. This is great!

fatcatt316 said...

That was a cool shirt in the video :) Anyhoo, that one guy in the video just said he had a problem with chickens "in the middle of the front yard" -- all the urban chickens I've seen have been kept in the backyard.

Plus, a LOT (more than I thought) of people in Raleigh raise chickens inside the beltline. Everyone should check out the tour next spring, it's really great: