Sunday, July 27, 2008

Planning for a positive outcome!

While I was out of town this weekend the news broke that the folks fighting to have chickens as pets in Cary, NC were not successful. I plan to use the information gleaned from their fight to help me with ours! It seems their issue didn't get to be heard by Cary council members until very late in the meeting (about 6 hours in!), and by that time their issue fell on deaf ears. One council member even had the gall to say "Is it really Cary?" (As if they're 'above' such things as having chickens as pets!) The council members apparently didn't even want to entertain the idea of changing the current ordinance, and voted 4-3 against even considering a change.

In order for our plan in Wake Forest to come to a more positive end, I have decided to seek the advice of one of our Town Commissioners as to the best approach. Luckily I have been successful in my goal to converse with him on this subject, and in light of this conversation, I have made more plans.

This week I plan to speak with the Town Clerk, Joyce Wilson about the best way to get the chance to address the Board of Commissioners. I am hoping that we'll figure out which part of the next meeting would be the most efficient use of our (and the Commissioners') time. I have been told that she knows the 'ins and outs' of the meetings and processes better than just about anyone and she would be our best bet for getting on the agenda.

I have also been told not to expect my amendments to be accepted as written, but that they will most likely be re-written by the Town Attorney. This is perfectly fine with me, as long as they ARE re-written and allow me, and people like me, to have pet hens! That is my goal - I'm not looking for public recognition or authorship on a town ordinance. I'm NOT a politician in any way, shape, or form!

If I am successful in coherently presenting my proposal to the Board of Commissioners on August 19, they will still most likely not vote on it that night. I'm told the earliest they could make a decision is most likely 2 weeks after that meeting, so we're looking at 5 weeks and 2 days of waiting still, from today. I hope that the Wake Forest Town Commissioners will take the time to make a carefully informed decision, unlike the hasty decision made by the Cary Council members.

So - Don't forget! If you're in Wake Forest, or ZIP code 27587, to please sign my petition, and send it to anyone you know that could vote. Each person in your household who is voting age! I have had a few people shock me completely, as I thought they wouldn't be in favor of the idea, and they turned out to be staunch supporters! So sometimes folks will surprise you - but you won't know unless you give them that chance!


Alissa Manfre said...

A warning from the person who brought up the issue of Chickens in Cary to the Town Council--don't trust what you hear from people in Town Hall.

We are not dropping the issue, but were mislead by the council member who sponsored the initiative, who gave us bad 'advice' because he was opposed to the measure. So watch out.

Oh, and we're not giving up just because 4 members of Town Council are prejudiced and ignorant.

Em said...

Good for you Alissa! I appreciate your warning about the possibility of misleading council members. I hope you're able to get this issue turned around!

Twinville said...

Oh so close! Waiting is so hard, but don't give in or let down for a minute. Not when the light is right there at the end of the dark, chicken-less tunnel!

How about a public display for chickens near the court house a few days before the meeting?

Make billboards, display chickens, eggs, facts. Have someone wear a chicken suit. Make sure several newspapers and TV news stations are there for the event, too.

Good luck and keep your blog updated! :)

Pecos Blue said...

Keep it up and good on you. Chickens are great!

Katherine said...

Isn't it wild - this struggle to keep chickens in town. On one hand seemingly ridiculous and yet so compelling and important to so many people for so many reasons.

I feel optimistic about my case, but I am working with a small college government rather than a city, town or county.

Regardless of who we are trying to educate - it's wonderful to know there are many of us out there!

Good luck with your meeting Em and keep up the fight Alissa!!